Three Reasons to Hire a Kansas Truck Accident Lawyer

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Semi-truck and Car collide in busy intersection.

Whether a truck rams into a car or a car into the rear of a big rig, the smaller guy will always suffer the heaviest of losses and injuries. That’s a no brainer! After all, we are talking about a vehicle that weighs a whopping 4-8 times more than the average passenger vehicle and is nearly 10 times as long. Of course, a regular passenger vehicle does not stand a chance in a Kansas truck accident!

If the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle do survive, they almost always end up with life threatening and life altering injuries.

While all of that information is obvious, here are three reasons why you should hire a Kansas truck accident attorney if you have been in an incident involving a large commercial vehicle.

3 reasons you need an experienced lawyer from DeVaughn James if you have been in a truck accident.

1. Calculating the actual value of your injuries and losses: Unfortunately, most victims tend to claim compensation based on the immediate treatment and impact of the injuries. This means the first offer often seems good enough, even if not completely fair.

But when our lawyers join your team, we analyze every aspect of the damages you have suffered. From the cost of treatment today to the ramifications of those injuries on your personal and professional life now and in the future.

Because DeVaughn James has decades of experience handling truck collision injury claims, our lawyers know that the mental anguish continues to haunt victims long after the physical injuries have healed. So, the restitution cannot be called fair unless you are also compensated for the psychological trauma, the pain you have suffered and how all of this has and will affect the quality of your life and your ability to make a living in the future.

2. Establishing clear liability: In a wreck if you are not completely at fault, it’s natural to assume that the other motorist bares some or all of the responsibility for the mishap. But, that is not how things work when you are talking about a truck accident.

For example, if the truck driver was drunk, of course he will be accountable for the crash. However, if a mechanical fault with the rig or faulty securing of the payload leads to the collision or if it is a combination of all these factors, then who is really liable for your damages? The trucking company, the truck driver or some other third party?

A good attorney will not only find the answer to that question but will also back it up with irrefutable evidence. Moreover, an adept lawyer can also clarify the extent to which each party is responsible for the crash. This means no “at-fault” party gets away without paying for your losses.

3. Handling the insurance companies and their adjustors: The process of understanding liability and calculating the precise cost of your injuries is more than just complicated. It is also time sensitive. In truck wrecks, a lot of the vital evidence is actually held by the at-fault party. So, it’s important to stop them from destroying it. And a lawyer knows that’s the first thing he/she needs to do before all else.

Furthermore, once you get an attorney on board, all communication with the insurance company will be handled by your counsel. This means you will no longer have to field those unnerving calls from pesky insurance adjusters.

Get an attorney on your side after a Kansas truck accident!

The problem with taking on the trucking company and its insurer all alone is that you will be at a disadvantage even before the negotiations start.

Our lawyers have years of experience in handling truck accident compensation cases. Contact us today for a free, no obligation case review and we will make sure that insurance companies don’t trample your rights.