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Syngenta, a Swiss-based agribusiness, has been accused of attempting to commercialize a GMO corn seed product that had not been approved for sale in China. According to Syngenta GMO Corn Seed lawsuits filed by Cargill, Inc. and Trans Coastal Supply Co., Syngenta did not practice responsible stewardship and cost the U.S. agriculture community significant damages when it began commercializing Agrisure Viptera seed (also known as MIR 162)


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Syngenta Lawsuit Allegations

China began rejecting U.S. corn shipments in November 2013, after testing found that some shipments contained Agrisure Viptera, a genetic modification developed by Syngenta that enables the plants to produce proteins that ward off pests. While Syngenta says it sought approval of the GMO seed from Beijing in 2010, the product had not yet been approved for sale in China.



The Cargill Syngenta lawsuit claims that the company’s sale of the unapproved seed exposed it to more than $90 million in losses, while Trans Coastal says it expects to lose around $141 million.


Both the Cargill and Trans Coastal Syngenta lawsuits raise concerns that Agrisure Viptera can be found throughout the U.S. corn supply chain.


“Syngenta’s continued release, promotion and sale of Viptera has resulted in the contamination of the Cargill Plaintiff’s corn,” the Cargill complaint charges. “Given the prevalence of crops grown from the Viptera seed in the U.S. corn supply, the Cargill Plaintiffs can no longer sell U.S.-grown corn to China.”


“Syngenta’s motivation in prematurely releasing Viptera corn is greed,” Trans Coastal’s lawsuit says. “If not stopped, Syngenta is going to continue to destroy U.S. exports of corn and DDGs to China.”


According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal in September 2014, China’s government has rejected more than one million metric tons of corn meant for export to that country. U.S. corn shipments in the first seven months of 2014 were down 85% from the same period in 2013. Corn prices have plunged nearly 60% from their 2012 peak, a result of record production coupled by the lack of export demand.


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