Motorcyclist risk factors in Kansas
In 2018, about 65,000 traffic crashes involving over 100,000 vehicles were reported in Kansas. Of these crashes, a mere 1.3% involved motorcycle collisions. Yet, of the 350 people who lost their lives in these crashes, nearly 60 were motorcyclists. This is not just a Kansas-specific problem! According to NHTSA data, almost 5,200 motorcyclists and their
Road Debris cause vehicle collision
One of the reasons few people talk about vehicle collisions caused by road debris is because less than 2% of all motor vehicle crashes are attributed to them. It is easy to ignore the severity and the ramifications of these crashes until you experience this firsthand. The biggest problem with vehicle collisions caused by road
Slip and Fall Injury on wet floor
A Slip and fall accident can happen at any time, to anyone and at any place. Although the common misconception is that they are an aging related problem, taking a tumble can be dangerous regardless of your age! The big problem with slips, trips and falls is that victims do not know when compensation can
Dashcam on car front windshield
With the steep rise of almost 20% in the demand for dashboard mounted cameras, we are not far behind other countries in which dashcams are the norm. An extra set of eyes, particularly one that records everything and provides crucial evidence is always helpful. This is what has led to the surge in popularity of