Wrongful Death Lawsuit
It is always tragic to deal with the death of a loved one, but the grief is even harder to bear when the tragedy is attributed to the negligence of another person. The senselessness of this kind of tragedy is often so overcoming that it can impede the chances of closure for many dealing with
Distracted man using cell phone while driving.
According to a research conducted by the University of Florida, even a single notification on your phone is a distraction and significantly impacts your ability to focus while driving. In fact, so immersive is the screen trap that people who are engrossed in their phones fail to see actual money hanging from trees, something that
Tiles spelling the word uninsured
Car accident injuries and property damage are distressing enough on their own, but the situation becomes 10 times more intimidating if the negligent driver is an underinsured or uninsured motorist. Most victims are left wondering if they will be stuck paying the bills of someone else’s wrongdoing. But there’s good news. The auto insurance laws
Bicycle and car collision injuries
In Kansas, the modified comparative fault law applies to all injuries sustained in on-road accidents, including bicycle accidents. In order to recover compensation, you must be less than 50% at fault. This means that if blame is placed on you, even if it’s just 50%, you can’t recover compensation. If you are in a bicycle