Roundup weed killer being sprayed on a field
A 12 year old is the latest victim to join over 13,000 plaintiffs who have sued Mosanto and its parent company Bayer for their Roundup Weed Killer. A month prior to the filing of Jake Bellah’s case, Bayer AG had asked the judge to overturn a $2 billion verdict delivered against the company. The German
Car technician checking car data recorder
The NHTSA recently rolled back its 2012 decision to make event data recorders mandatory in all cars. It is unclear whether the move resulted from the lack of enthusiasm from manufacturers to fit all cars with these units or from the outcry of privacy activists who have been protesting against these data recorders due to
Side Impact type of Car Crash
Nearly, 86% of all motorists fear that they well be killed or grievously hurt in a crash involving another vehicle. Fear aside, it is truly impossible to be prepared for any of the various types of car crashes or the injuries that the accident may cause. While not all car accidents are serious, when two

What is a Diminished Value Claim?

Personal Injury Law
Did you know that nearly 80% of all automobile accidents in Kansas are property damage only crashes? For instance, in 2017, out of the 58,000 crashes reported, the motorists and passengers walked away unharmed in over 46,000 accidents, while their vehicles did not fare as well. These figures are good news considering what that means