Motorcycle Awareness Month

Topeka Motorcycle rider on Kansas roadway.
May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, instituted by the National Safety Council. DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers is urging motorists to be aware of motorcycles on all the nation’s roads and highways but especially on Kansas roadways. Most motorcycle crashes happen when other drivers on the road can’t see them. Motorcyclists must always have situational awareness while
Damaged car in downtown Kansas City street due to an accident.
Car accidents can have devastating effects on people’s lives. In the United States, each state has its own laws that govern car accidents, including personal injury claims. This article will compare and contrast the biggest differences between Kansas and Missouri car accident laws with respect to personal injury. Determination of Fault First, it’s important to
Image of the Missouri state flag and the Kansas state flag
Car insurance is an essential requirement for drivers in all states in the United States, including Kansas and Missouri. These states have specific car insurance requirements that drivers must meet to comply with state laws. In this article, we’ll discuss the car insurance requirements for drivers in Kansas and Missouri. Kansas Car Insurance Requirements Kansas
Passenger in sedan distracting driver
Passengers in a vehicle can be a significant distraction to the driver and increase the risk of collisions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distractions contributed to over 3,100 fatalities in 2019, and passengers are one of the main sources of driver distraction. Passenger Distractions Increase Risk Distractions caused by passengers can