Photos being taken of car wreck
Every injury claim is different but, some laws and procedures are common, as is the fact that all tort claims are complicated. If you have been injured in a car crash, you will have questions and doubts about the handling of your case, the compensation that you are likely to receive and any problems or
People waiting at a public bus stop
If you are in a collision with a privately owned vehicle, the compensation claim may seem straight forward. However, things can get truly chaotic if an injury occurs when using public transportation. The laws differ significantly, right down to the amount of time you must sue for damages, things can get very complicated. You may
Wrecked Semi Truck in Snowy Ditch
One in every 10 vehicles involved in a fatal crash is a semi-truck or tractor trailer. This may not seem like a startling number until you consider the overall impact of large heavy trucks crashing into cars on American roads every year. Guess who bears the brunt of these catastrophic collisions? If you said, “the
Young child in car seat.
In October, 2019, a motorist plowed into 4 children who were walking to their school in Overland Park, as he drove right through a red light. About a month later, 4 children were killed along with their mother in a grisly Thanksgiving morning accident in a nearby county. Earlier in 2020, two children were grievously