Successful Car Accident Attorney
If you have been hurt in a car collision, a crucial consideration is choosing the right lawyer to represent you in court. It would be best to look for certain traits in a personal injury lawyer before beginning your search. A competent and successful car accident lawyer should have the following characteristics: Excellent Communication Skills
Unlicensed Kansas Driver
On February 19th, 2021,Topeka resident Kathleen Bryson was killed in a car crash that involved an 18-year-old unlicensed driver. The accident was hardly a stray incident considering the fact that as far back as 2010, unlicensed young motorists were responsible for more than 10% of all fatal crashes in the state. But that’s just the
Office Remodeling Construction
COME ON IN, but please excuse the mess! The DeVaughn James East Wichita location is expanding and will be under construction beginning April 18, 2022. The West Wichita and Topeka locations will be operating as usual and available for in person meetings. As always we will still be available by phone and online 24 hours a day,
Parking Lot Car Accident
Parking lot accidents are not unheard of since there are significant chances of many things going wrong when cars are on the move, including reversing and entering or exiting the premises carelessly. Thankfully most of the car collisions that occur in the parking lots are minor, but every once in a while, there can be