Female teen driver in car
For most parents, excitement and anxiety go hand in hand when it’s time to let their teens get behind the wheel of their car. The daunting prospect not only involves concerns about the safety of young drivers and those around them, but also worries about the mammoth increase in insurance costs. Let’s face it, teen
Empty Court and Jury Room
The right to a jury trial is a core right in the American legal system. It was established through the 6th amendment, which was ratified and added to the U.S. Constitution on December 15, 1791. In addition to the laws adopted in the U.S. Constitution,  individual states are allowed to pass their own laws and
Car collision avoidance system illustration
According to the Kansas Department of Transportation, nearly 59,000 motor vehicle crashes occurred in 2017 and driver related factors were among the top contributing reason, with general inattention accounting for over 20% of all accidents. Are safe driving technologies helping to improve these statistics?  Safety agencies are in favor of new age driver assistance technologies!
Driver fastens his seatbelt
Seatbelts are undoubtedly the most important safety feature included in vehicles. It has been shown that wearing a seatbelt can cut down the risk of death and serious injuries in car accidents by over 50%. Yet only about 80% of motorists on the Kansas roads actually use this safety feature. Generally, police officers will not