Bicycle and car collision injuries
In Kansas, the modified comparative fault law applies to all injuries sustained in on-road accidents, including bicycle accidents. In order to recover compensation, you must be less than 50% at fault. This means that if blame is placed on you, even if it’s just 50%, you can’t recover compensation. If you are in a bicycle
3M Defective Earplugs
A U.S. Army Major on active duty recently sued 3M Company and Aero Technologies for the defective design of the standard issue combat 3M earplugs. The Major has claimed that the faulty earplugs are to be blamed for his hearing loss and tinnitus. Because these earplugs have been issued to all military personnel in training
Roundup weed killer being sprayed on a field
A 12 year old is the latest victim to join over 13,000 plaintiffs who have sued Mosanto and its parent company Bayer for their Roundup Weed Killer. A month prior to the filing of Jake Bellah’s case, Bayer AG had asked the judge to overturn a $2 billion verdict delivered against the company. The German
Car technician checking car data recorder
The NHTSA recently rolled back its 2012 decision to make event data recorders mandatory in all cars. It is unclear whether the move resulted from the lack of enthusiasm from manufacturers to fit all cars with these units or from the outcry of privacy activists who have been protesting against these data recorders due to