Workers Compensation Claims

Have you been injured while you were working? This can be a difficult and scary time for you and your family. Workers compensation laws were put in place to assist individuals in your situation, so you can return to work. Your employer’s insurance company does not always have your best interests in mind as they direct your medical treatment. The insurance company is going to direct your medical treatment and tell you which doctors you can see to consult for your injuries. From the beginning your employer, its insurance company and the doctor they choose have different priorities than you do. You need to hire a Kansas Lawyer who handles work place injuries.

You and your family depend on your ability to earn an income. Do not handle this injury without the help of experienced lawyers who know Kansas Workers Compensation laws and can help you recover from your injuries.

The Kansas Workers Compensation laws have had some major changes in recent years, many of which present even more challenges in recovering from on the job injuries. You need to know how these changes will affect your case and your ability to support your family. Your employer’s insurance company and its attorney will immediately seek to gather evidence that the prevailing factor for your injury was not the job injury, but something else that they will try to argue allows them to pay you nothing. Your employer’s insurance will immediately have an attorney working behind the scenes developing evidence that will hurt your chances to recover. You need an attorney who will fight for you. You need to even the playing field. We can help you develop a strategy to obtain the recovery you deserve.

Our firm is committed to help you succeed so you can be compensated for your work place injuries. You need to call us before we can help you.

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