Nursing Home Abuse or Negligence

Everyone deserves to age with dignity. We are all very concerned about looking out for the welfare of our parents and loved ones as they age, deteriorate in health, mental awareness, and mobility. We have loved ones in nursing homes and know the difficult burden caregivers face. Often it is necessary to rely and trust on the assistance of others to provide for the medical and care giving necessities for our loved ones, whether it is in a nursing home, hospital, hospice or in-home caregiver.

There are hundreds of thousands of senior citizen, elder abuse, or nursing home abuse cases reported in the United States every year. Unfortunately, these caregivers are often negligent, careless, or outright reckless in failing to provide the promised care. Often the caregivers know that the elderly are not able to express their concerns about substandard or cruel treatment. We have filed these cases all over the state of Kansas and have successfully recovered for our clients. Most importantly we have sent a crystal-clear message to nursing homes in Kansas that neglect will not be tolerated.

The experienced Kansas personal injury attorneys at DeVaughn James are dedicated to protecting the welfare and safety of our parents and loved ones. We understand the anger you experience in learning that the persons you have trusted and paid to provide care to your parents or loved ones during a vulnerable time in their lives are actually neglecting or abusing them. The most effective way to prevent elder abuse is to make sure the nursing home, hospitals, or individuals that inflict the abuse are held responsible for their unacceptable behavior and subject to financial damages.

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We can assist you in conducting an investigation on your claim and we will strive to maximize the compensation obtainable for our clients who have been subject to such unacceptable abuse.

Neglect: Inadequate or improper nourishment, lack of food or water, ignoring requests for assistance; these can lead to bedsores, decubitus ulcers, pressure sores, recurring urinary tract infections or sepsis or other avoidable injuries and conditions. Also, among other injuries and issues:

  • Bed rail injury and death
  • Burns due to bathing
  • Dehydration
  • Falls
  • Infection due to staff neglect
  • Malnutrition
  • Medication or other medical errors

Physical Abuse: Unreasonable physical restraint or confinement; prolonged deprivation of food or water; assault and battery

Signs and Symptoms of Senior Citizen Abuse: Keeping Informed and Monitoring: One should always be alert to possible abuses occurring against our parents or loved ones, especially when they are in nursing homes. Some of the signs of which are: unexplained bruises, bed sores, injuries; depression, behavioral changes, expression of anger and bad relationship with care giver; weight loss, recurring illnesses, hygiene problems; financially, an unexplained change in status of finances, especially when others are authorized to act on behalf of seniors under trustee or power of attorney.

While these symptoms are not necessarily an indication of nursing home abuse, family members must always be aware and monitor the situation for these indications of possible abuse or negligence.

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