Product Liability Injuries

Have you or someone you love been injured by a dangerous product? Many people suffer when an unsafe product is released in the marketplace. For the safety of consumers, manufacturers have rules they must follow to ensure they only produce safe products. Unfortunately, sometimes they cut corners. If a product has the potential for causing injury, a warning label must be in place to notify consumers of potential problems or issues.

In order to recover for a product injury, under Kansas law, an experienced attorney must prove that the consumer was using the product correctly, the product was defective, that the injury was caused by the defect in the product, and the defect was present before the purchaser received the product. Proving these issues in a Kansas Court can be a challenge, but with an experienced Kansas personal injury lawyer, it is possible. We can help you recover money to help with your medical expenses, lost wages from not being able to work, and for the harm you suffered as a result of a dangerous product.

Many serious injuries occur at work on unsafe or unguarded machinery. Injured workers will have a workers compensation claim and also may have a claim against the maker of the product. There is even a time frame under Kansas law that if the injured worker does not pursue a claim against the product’s maker, the employer can proceed with the claim. Don’t let this happen to you. It is important that you talk to a personal injury attorney in Kansas who knows the law and will be able to assist you in these complicated cases.

Our firm is committed to help you succeed in Court so you can be compensated for your injuries. The key is to call us and we can help you.

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