Vehicle Collision Statistics in Topeka, Kansas

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Topeka, Kansas roadmap

Vehicle collisions in Topeka, Kansas, are one of the main reasons behind preventable deaths in the city. Traffic fatalities in Kansas rose by around 5% in late 2020 as compared to late 2019. According to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), 421 people died on the roads in Kansas during the year 2020.

Kansas Ranked the 19th “Worst Driving State”

The State of Kansas ranked 19th-worst when it comes to driving in America. This study was conducted by Quote Wizard when studying more than two million insurance quotes to rank the 50 states. Factors on which the rankings were based included car wrecks, speeding tickets, and DUIs.

States with the highest number of driving incidents ranked higher on the list, making Kansas a little below average.

What Is Causing These Collisions in Topeka?

Fatigue, drunk driving, animals, and cell phone usage while driving are the leading causes of vehicle collisions in Topeka, Kansas. According to a study, 63% of vehicle occupants were found to be riding unrestrained, which increased the likelihood of those occupants sustaining fatal injuries. Chris Bortz, a safety program manager at KDOT, urges vehicle drivers and passengers to strap on their seatbelts every time.

Final Thoughts on Kansas Vehicle Collisions

To avoid causing harm to yourself and others, please avoid distractions and never drive under the influence of any substance when behind a steering wheel.