Back to School Safety 2023

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School zone crosswalk sign.

As the new school year approaches, approximately 57 million children across the nation are gearing up to return to their studies. Amidst the buzz of excited youngsters, busy parents, and bustling school buses, it’s crucial not to overlook road safety. With sports activities on the rise and the holiday season on the horizon, remember to exercise caution, especially in school zones. Prioritize the safety of our children with these essential tips:

  1. Enhance Visibility: Opt for brightly colored jackets, school bags, and footwear for your kids. Reflective strips can significantly improve visibility, especially during early mornings or evenings when light is limited.
  2. Predator Precaution: Even after discussing “stranger danger,” avoid leaving your child alone at the bus stop. Having adult supervision, even in a group, offers an extra layer of security.
  3. Road Safety Guidelines:
    • Utilize designated bike routes/lanes for cycling.
    • Adhere to traffic signals and lights.
    • Avoid using headphones or cell phones while walking or biking.
    • Always buckle seat belts when traveling in a vehicle.
    • Wait on the sidewalk at the bus stop and only board once the bus has stopped completely.
    • Refrain from crossing the street in school bus blind spots.
    • Walk on the sidewalk, facing oncoming traffic.
    • Maintain distance from the road while on the sidewalk.
    • Remain seated while riding the bus.
    • Look both ways before crossing any road.

By incorporating these precautions and thoughtful planning, you can ensure the safety of your children as they embark on a new academic year. Encourage your kids to adopt these safety habits, granting you peace of mind throughout the school season.